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The key feature of the main exhibition room is the ‘Timeline’, which aims to map the history of the town from the formation of the rocks to present day Oswestry and as such is an ongoing project. There is a variety of informative displays…

Judge's Chambers

Including a display of exhibits from the Orthopaedic Hospital; memorabilia from Oswestry Fire Service and a TSB based in Oswestry; the Honours Boards from Maesbury School and more general memorabilia…

Magistrates' Court

Exhibits in this room include; the Pegasus Stone, information about the Tanat Valley Railway, a pictorial reminder of Oswestry then and now, memorabilia of the Oswestry Musical Theatre Company, the Porthywaen Silver Band and more…

Oswestry Lockdown

Although the lockdown of 2020 was the most far reaching and most inclusive countrywide lockdown that has been experienced in living memory, there have been other times when Oswestry has experienced lockdowns.

Oswestry Wall of women

To commemorate the centenary of 40% of British Women getting the vote Oswestry celebrated their Women Of Influence, Women of Power, by creating a ‘Wall of Women’ featuring 101 women with a connection to Oswestry.

Oswestry Unearthed

Have you ever wondered what lays beneath the earth that we walk over each day? Whether it be playing sports, the commute to work, travelling to school or just walking the dog – the Ground we walk over has seen years of activity. 


Throughout our history Oswestry Town Museum has been involved in several projects and continues to do so. This would only be possible with an army of dedicated volunteers. We are always looking for volunteers to take part in projects and the day-to-day running of the museum itself. There is something for everyone. Take a look…

Heritage Open Days

Every September some 46,000 volunteers across England organise
5,500 events to celebrate our fantastic history and culture.

It’s your chance to see hidden places and try out new experiences in Oswestry and Beyond – all of which are FREE to explore.

The theme for 2024 is

Routes – Networks – Connections‘.

Heritage Sites

The Trenches
at Oswestry

This unique labyrinth allows you to experience the very nature of trench warfare through the decades, starting from World War One through to the modern day. Immerse yourselves in the conditions that the soldiers would have experienced.

Tanat Valley Light Railway

The Nant Mawr Branch of the Potteries, Shrewsbury and North Wales Railway (The Potts) was opened in 1872 to supply Limestone traffic. Despite a number of other reasons being given, this was the real incentive for the construction of the railway.

Llanymynech Limeworks

Llanymynech has been an important settlement since a hill fort was established in the 10th Century BC. The largest structure is the ‘Hoffman’ kiln with its massive chimney – a distinctive local landmark. Today much of the area is a nature reserve.


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Parking available at the rear of the Museum in the Horsemarket car park. Postcode: SY11  1JS


Please contact the museum directly for further details on disabled access.