The Magistrates’ Court

The Magistrates’ Court was held here from the end of the nineteenth century to the beginning of the twenty-first century. This was where minor offences were decided, or cases were passed onto a higher court if they were more serious. There was no jury.

Exhibits in this room include:


  • The Pegasus Stone – found near the new Hillfort lay-by in 2008 by the Shropshire Highways Department
  • Information about the Tanat Valley Railway
  • A pictorial reminder of Oswestry then and now.
  • Memorabilia of the Oswestry Musical Theatre Company, and also the Porthywaen Silver Band
  • A history of the mining industry around Oswestry including the Ifton Colliery
  • A detailed discussion of the Harlech Dynasty (the Ormsby-Gore family)
  • The original Oswestry Borough Council Town Seal
  • A bound copy of the North Wales Newspapers for 1917

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