Heritage Open Days

Some 46,000 volunteers across England organise
5,500 events to celebrate our fantastic history and culture.

It’s your chance to see hidden places and try out new experiences in Oswestry and Beyond – all of which are FREE to explore.

Grab your paint brushes…

The theme for 2023 is

Creativity Unwrapped!

 Save the date: 8 – 17 September 2023

Heritage Open Days is England’s largest festival of history and culture, bringing together over 2,000 local people and organisations, and thousands of volunteers.

Every year in September, places across the country throw open their doors to celebrate their heritage, community and history. It’s your chance to see hidden places and try out new experiences – and it’s all FREE.


Established in 1994, Heritage Open Days is England’s contribution
to the European Heritage Days and has since grown into the
country’s largest heritage festival. In 1991 the Council of Europe
and the European Commission set up European Heritage Days
to raise appreciation for Europe’s rich and diverse cultural assets
and their need for care and protection. The central principle was
as simple as it was compelling: to throw open the doors to historic
monuments and buildings, in particular those normally closed to the
public. Today, they are held annually in September in 50 signatory
states to the European Cultural Convention. Each country running
it in their own way, the festival not only highlights the dazzling
diversity of Europe’s heritage, but also its intercultural links.

Expanding and diversifying from 701 events at its launch to
over 5,500 today, Heritage Open Days continues to flourish with
more events every year, reflecting the rich and diverse cultural
heritage of England and its communities. Spanning the public,
private and voluntary sectors, the festival is a unique and powerful
partnership. Working with organisations and individuals across
England, Heritage Open Days is our national local festival.

Oswestry and Beyond are proud to be a part of it!

Oswestry and Beyond

Oswestry & Beyond Heritage Open Days are a team of local
organisers from the heritage and creative sector that plan, fundraise
and host the local free events for the community and vistors to enjoy.


Learn more about Oswestry and Beyond in our booklet celebrating the years we have been running.


Discover how the Heritage Open Days have created long lasting acheivements for our area.

2022 - Astounding Inventions

 In 2022, we are turned our focus onto the amazing inventions that humans have created!


We celebrated the local rich history of invention, industry and innovation. We transported visitors back to the industrial revolution, examining the inventions that powered our daily lives, highlighted the legacy of a local inventors and their cutting-edge innovations – we were amazed by the diverse tapestry of local inventions that make our world go around.

2021 - Edible England

 In 2021, we are turned our to all things food! We emptied the larder, preheated the ovens, and set the table.

From woodland foraging to factory floor, forgotten recipes to regional delicacies, we explored the past, present, and future of our culinary heritage and culture from Oswestry and Beyond. Download our 2021 booklet to find out more.

2020 - Hidden Nature

 In 2020, we are turned our focus onto the natural world – and celebrating our extraordinary natural heritage.


From centuries-old trees to farmer’s fields steeped in history, from clifftop walks to urban oases and everything in between we covered it all – download the 2020 guide to discover more about the wonderful nature of Oswestry and Beyond – and perhaps follow one of our local walks.


The success of the Heritage Open Days lies with it’s army of volunteers – some 46,000 volunteers across England organise 5,500 events every year to celebrate our fantastic history and culture.

Be part of History and the Oswestry and Beyond Heritage Open Days by Volunteering your time.