Llanymynech Limeworks

Displayed in the Museum is a collection of artefacts discovered in the  Llanymynech Limeworks area in recent years. These range from a tramway sleeper to a quarryman’s boot and include couplings, harness parts, pulley wheel and tools.  They date from the late 19th /early 20th century when the Limeworks was in its heyday. 

Images from Llanymynech

At the Oswestry Town Museum visitors are encouraged to identify the objects using a quiz sheet.  Children, in particular, find that the quiz makes them look more closely at the exhibits and use reasoning and logic to identify them.

These objects only give a taste of the industrial past of the now quiet rural village of Llanymynech.
To experience more visit the Limeworks Heritage Area and see the kilns, including the unique Hoffman kiln (one of only three remaining in the country and the only one complete with chimney).
Find out why there are TWO inclines, TWO tunnels under the road and TWO wharves on the canal.


Visit the Llanymynech Limeworks website.


Free access every day of the year.

Car Parking on Site.

Address: North Rd, Llanymynech SY22 6EZ


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Parking available at the rear of the Museum in the Horsemarket car park. Postcode: SY11  1JS

Please contact the museum directly for further details on disabled access.