Welcome to Oswestry Town Museum

International Museums Weekends 2016

June 18/19 and 25/26


Call Sign GB0OTM (Oswestry Town Museum)

 Oswestry Town Museum is pleased to announce that this year it will be taking part in the annual Museums on the Air weekends. Special event radio stations can be set up from absolutely any type of location which might be broadly classified as a museum, including castles, preserved WW2 warships, air museums, railway museums, radio museums, preserved jails, agricultural museums and even doll museums. For a list of museums taking part this year, click here

We are setting up an amateur radio station in the museum and are hoping to contact as many radio stations around the world as we can. Visitors will be welcome to join in the conversation and receive a record of any stations that they speak to.

To see what stations we have contacted so far, click here

For those interested in technical information please follow this link.

Would you like to take part in an archaeological exploration of Oswestry? Check here to find out more..
The representative WWI trench at Park Hall has now been opened. Follow this link for more information

Can you help us identify a collection of tools we have been loaned? Please take a look and contact us if you have any information