Orthopaedic Experience

The collection started in 2007 when it was announced that the School of Nursing was to be demolished to make way for a new research building. Some of the better artefacts would be relocated to the Nurses Home but the future for the rest was uncertain. They were rescued and put in safe storage.

A few years later the Nurses Home was due for demolition – the remaining items were added to the collection. The artefacts had, originally, been prescribed for patients and after use were donated back to the hospital for nurse training. Several decisions were made from the day the items were acquired.

Orthopeadeic Artefacts

Foremost among these were that:

  • The artefacts must be fully catalogued
  • Every effort would be made to ensure that the artefacts would be as accessible to the public as possible
  • Since the storage conditions are not ideal we would try to provide a home for the articles which would give them better conditions and allow them to be seen by the public


So far we have been unable to provide a home for them. The situation has not been made easier because, since we started, we have acquired many more items. We now have nearly 300.


These items are currently used to augment our teaching. In addition, selected items are used in displays such as schools, brownies, temporary displays in museums and, of course, Oswestry Town Museum. We receive new exhibits on a regular basis and it became apparent that, if we could find a proper home, we could use these artefacts as the foundation of a publicly accessible collection.


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