Development of the Project

Trench development 1

Planning of the trenches started in late 2013 and funding and support were generously given by the Heritage Lottery Fund, the 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Regiment, and Shropshire Council.  As many of the facilities needed for a large scale project such as this were already provided by Park Hall Farm Park, in whose grounds the trenches would be built, the actual construction proceeded quickly and the first stage was completed between Easter 2015 and the beginning of September 2015 – just in time for the Heritage Open Days of 2015.

Trench development 2

It was decided to develop a trench system that showed as many of the features of trenches as they were in WW1 as possible. Consequently, the visitor can walk through the following typical aspects of trenches to get a feeling of what life would have been like for soldiers living there day to day: a forward listening post; front firing trenches complete with firing steps; communication trenches; a reserve/rear trench; an underground first-aid post; a machine gun post; a line of above ground modern bastions; and shell holes. In addition, at least 1000 sandbags have been filled to be used as part of the trenches.

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