Identifying Unknown Handmade Tools

We have been lent a collection of handmade tools by Mr Meirion Owen of Welshpool. Mr Owen and his late partner collected these tools over several years, fascinated by the way in which craftsmen had handcrafted tools specifically designed for the job they had to do. 

We would love to find out what these tools were used for and are asking if people could look at the pictures and see if they can identify them. Each week we will put on a further five tools so that eventually we will have all the tools on the website. If you think you know what they would have been used for, or even which industry or craft we would be very grateful if you could get in touch with us, either by email, comment at the bottom of the page or by facebook.

We would also like to thank Mr Owen for other loans he has made to the museum.

Week 1 tools

Week 2 tools

Week 3 tools

Week 4 tools

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